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So I was thinking about things that would surprise people when they are abroad, well atleast in Italy (since I haven't left the country yet). And this is my list so far:

1- don't depend on being regular- there is not a normal pooping schedule, be ready because of the unique diet there will be many days when there is nothing and some days when it seems like you can't stop

2- only other comment about poop- the bedae, there will be one in most bathrooms you go into, expect for bars or the public bathrooms (which you have to pay 1 euro to use)

3- because plumbing was added later to most of these buildings be ware of the location of water heaters, they are hung from the wall (ours is actually right over the tub in the shower with you, but we also have a furnace in our shower so . . . )

4- the last bathroom surprise is the toilet tank, it is not located directly above the toilet off the gound but instead is hanging off of the wall up and out of the way, don't ask I don't know why.

toilets are also shaped differently within the bowl portion and toilet paper is not big over here, I mean that you need to take some with you because most bars don't have any. But the water pressure is much stronger because they use gravity to help flush the toilet, it's kind of cool but gros all at the same time.

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On Monday, October 10th, Bernie said

So have you tried the bidet? (Answer in a phone conversation!)

I am packing lots of little tissue packs!