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So there has been a message that states that I do not blog enough. Well I am sorry mom, I will stop running around to see the Italian country side and stay home to blog, by the by in case anyone is interested Tuscany is beautiful.
So yes I went to Tuscany, through school, for a wine tasting event and it was wonderful. We had a four course meal with two wines. If you want to know more about the food I'll tell you but you might get jealous because it was so good. We toured the family house and the barn, were some of the wine is kept to age (the large barrels were at a different locations). Kevin and I had a blast. We went with my roommate Vicki, our friend Jenny, and Kim, who is also in architecture and goes to Philly U. (but I didn't really know her before this trip). We also learned how to make pasta, the Tuscan way, which only uses one egg for 1lb of flour instead of 10, so the noodles don't expand the same way. The entire trip took all day, yesterday, and cost 30 euros (before the wine people bought as gifts and such). The best part is that the owner markets good wine for less money, she sees overpriced wine as a waste, it was only about 10 euros over the price that it costs to make the wine. It is also available in the states so that means that when I'm missing Rome I can just go buy a nicer bottle of wine from this vineyard that we visited.
I've also been keeping busy by cooking with Kevin. We made his roommates dinner the other night, yeah Sloppy Joes. Kevin and I made our own sauce and browned a huge thing of meat and just cooked up a storm. Jason is going to cook us dinner tonight to pay us back. Now I will never have to buy Manwich again.
So don't worry mom I'm fine and I'll call you later today.