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The weather right now is great.

It's one of those things where it makes me think about that apartment I had in Shepherdstown, and the nights that I fell asleep with a knit cap on, with my electric blanket, a vellux blanket, and my big comforter on top of that, listenning to Paul Reiser audiobooks on the speakers I jammed into my pillows.

I had a lot more pillows then. Where the hell did they go, anyway? I used to have like 6 pillows on my bed. Now, I have five pillows, and three of them are Jocelyn's. WTF?

Anyway. It's nice. I like this temperature and overcastness. I know there are some people who get depressed when its like this...seasonal dissafective disorder or something like that...but I love it. I can look into the sky without squinting. I can smell something other than F'ing Hot Asphalt. The dense, cold air revives me. I think it's because it carries more oxygen.

I went for a 2 mile bike ride yesterday, and it felt good; the cool air flowing up my sleeves, picking the shirt up off my back, so that when I slowed down my near frozen sweat slaps me on the back, spurring me on.

I think that temperature swings of more than 20/25 is completely unreasonable...and if I could live anywhere that would swing from 60/65 to 80/85, that'd be awesome. Is there anywhere that does that? Is it cheap?


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On Friday, October 7th, Jocelyn said

We have 5 pillows. Three are yours, 2 are mine. One of which I always smooch in your face while I sleep. (I need 1 nice pillow)

I agree the high 90s down to hi 60s within 24 hours is insane.

On Friday, October 7th, Bernie said

It is finally raining here. Three cheers for rain....except that Dad got called in for storm so I am lonely....but he picked up stuff from AAA for me to read about Italy.