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feeling: Nice

We started out this week with weather in the high 90's and muggy. Yesterday it was high 60s. Today, high 60s again. It's awesome. The sun is away, it spits rain every so often, the sky is one big blanket of a cloud. I wore a long sleeve tshirt yesterday and was still cold. Today I'm in a sweater! Last night we kept all the windows open. The chilly breeze would come in the house and someone was having a fire so the nice wood burning smell wafted in. Jon mentioned he felt like we were on Deep Creek Lake. I went to bed with socks on and we we're too excited and hungry to eat so we had a midnight snack of tomato soup and ate it in bed, all cozy and gently feel asleep. This is the last of the days in the 60s and well be heading towards the 70s and 80s by the end of the weekend. I think and hope that the days of 90 degrees are over. Yay!