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So my teacher finally got more info on the workshop. There are two weeks that Phila U. students are elligiable to go, the first is the week of Oct. 17th(ish), which is the week before midterms, and the second is the week of Nov. 7th(ish), which is the week after fall break and the week before mom and dad come to Italy.

Kevin, Allison, and myself have opt.ed to do the week in November. But that means that we won't be able to leave for naples until after 6pm on Friday, but we will already be at the train station practically so we can catch a train by 6:30 at the latest, and we'll have all week to buy tickets.

*Mental note: Mom and Dad don't get a train that comes into Rome past 8pm because my teacher said its not a nice area to be in at night. I mean right by the train station is okay but two blocks away is not so try to come in between 6pm and 8pm so I can meet you at the station.

Anyway, some people actually decided not to participate because they have already planned, and booked, trips for the weekends after. While the one weekend is through the school and would be hard to change the ones that they planned themselves would be easy to change, especially because the website garentees a flexible policy as long as you do it far enough in advance. But it's not my problem I'm going. And it won't interfere with midterms.

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On Wednesday, October 5th, Bernie said

The train station area of Naples is also unsafe. My friend suggested that we go back to our original plan of staying the two nights in Sorrento. The place I have in mind is suppose to be close to the train station. Have you heard anything about Naples?

On Thursday, October 6th, Bernie said

More questions - have you been to the train buy tickets online. It looks like there is a special deal where you buy your tickets within a week of trip for only 10 euros.
I know where the Termini station is. Where is the station called Tiburtina?