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feeling: Good. A little hung over.

We had a party at our house last night. It was my birthday (as you all know).

The guest list was as such:
Ed, Nancy & Keith;
Nan & Milosh;
Sylvia & Morgan (her boyToy);
& (last but not least) our buddy Clark.

So, if you count them all up, plus me an Jocelyn, that's ten people. We made Kabobs in a bunch of flavors. Beef, Chicken (with a Garlic, Honey, Oregano, and Olive Oil), Shrimp, Sausage, Potato and Sweet Potato. Yep, that's lots.

Jocie made a really killer carrot cake, which I am not allowed to eat. (Self-Imposed, mind you.) It's only surpassed in its sneaky delivery of unnecessary calories by Mom's Zuccini Bread from my childhood...because at least it has the word Cake in its name. wink

It was a successful party. Everyone had a good time. Our friends got along. And, Jocelyn thinks, that we did a good job of running the show with relatively little means, and relatively little stress.

Of course, big ups goes out ot Ed n' Nancy for showing up early and helping us out, and to Keith for coming over around noon to help...and for giving me a badass birthday present. satisfied

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On Monday, October 3rd, Jocelyn said

We also had a nice selection of veggies on the kabobs. Honey, you forgot to mention our peach sangria, which will be adapted the next time I make that, and the great Cranberry 'Punch" which made everyone love each other.
There were bits of magic in the air and we should have taken a picture.

Our house looks good with people in it.

On Tuesday, October 4th, Bernie said

Sounds nice.
Most of us met at Anne's & Bill's on Sunday to celebrate Sammy and Ed's birthdays. It was nice for Sam because she has been away for the last two years. I gave her a birthday gift at Christmas last year. Christie was there with her boyfriend Larry. Sam's boy friend is Matt. All nice guys that we met at the Lake this summer. They all seemed to be settling into college life well. Unfortunately, Jessica's fall break is next weekend so we won't get to see her. Grandmom is still recovering well, but it was still too soon for the long drive with a seat belt over her stiches.