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So I was starting to freak out about my weight, because clothes don't shrink back to the normal size without a dryer, well atleast not jeans. And while everything was getting bigger I was not convinced that it was because I was losing weight. So over the weekend I decided that I would start an exercise program to add to the large amount of walking that we already do; about 20 minutes to school (lots of hills) and when we go to sites there is either no walking or no sitting, for about 3 hours. Anyway, so we do alot of walking and we live on Piano 4, which in America would be the 5th floor, and while Kevin forces me to take the elevator to save my knees I make sure that I take the steps atleast once a day up and once a day down. But now to my addition, I decided to add abs, my knee exercises, other leg exercises, and push ups. Yesterday was the first morning that I was to do said exercises and then we walked up to school blah blah blah. This moring I am feeling the burn, I don't remember the last time I was so aware of my abdominal region (atleast do to exercise). Atleast I know that something is going on, I just hope that its a good thing. blush

On another note: I'm going back to the doctors today for my results and will let you know when he says that I am fine.