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While mom and Keith were walking the dogs they picked up a stray dog. He had a "life of Riley" on his collar so we've been calling him Riley, same thing happened to Michael J Fox in back to the future, when he was called Calvin for his Calvin Klein underpants. We just got a call from Riley's mom and his real name is Rodger.

I bring Mabel to work today and "Riley/Rodger" was still here. Riley is a bog chocolate lab. All the dogs go outside so Mabel can meet Riley. Mabel was on guard with her back hair raised. She sniffs around, Riley is doing well with the interogation...all is going ok, until...da da da! Riley comes over to me. He pet him, talk to him, and Mabel like a overprotective boyfriend gets pissy and starts growling at Riley and her hair back is VERY tall. She eventually shows her teeth at Riley. Strike one Mabel gets tossed inside, when she settles down, and realized that is not how to talk to other dogs, we go back out. Again, everthing goes smoothly until Riley and I talk/pet. Mabel gets alittle defensive and growls lightly. We gently go back inside. Third time is a charm, Keith took Mabel outside with trouble. Sniff, make friends and now they are romping around like good old friends.

As I'm writing this, Riley's mom calls and is on her way to pick him up. Riley lives in a beautiful house on probably 6-8 acres...and his dad is a baseball player. I forget which one. I was hoping we'd be able to drop him off but instead he's getting picked up here.

Mabels made a new friend and Riley gets to go back home. The End.