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We went out Wedensday night to pick up some groceries for the impending storm. It turns out that Thursday the storm moved east and moved its path of wind and rain to another location rather than the DFW area. Saturday the clouds and wind moved in and we got a sprinkle for 3 minutes. We seriously need the rain....anyway, our plans did not change. We hunkered down the fort, started drinking around 4:30, roasted our chicken, our squash, and had rented movies ready. The chicken turned out sooooo good. We're always so proud of ourselves when we made a meal that we could serve a group of people. I'm leaving the details to Jon because he really cooked it, I just ate it. I cooked the squash. We're planning on using squash as a decorative accent in the home instead of eating it again.

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On Monday, September 26th, Bernie said

We finally got rain on Monday evening around 5:00. Thank goodness, it has been 1 month with no rain.