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Don and I spent the day down at Howard CC Grand Prix. It is our biggest scholarship fundraiser and I had never been to it. There were fancy tents for the sponsors, and a vendors row and the field was covered with all these attractive jumps, lots of shrubbery. We helped out in the both that sold sodas, sandwiches like pit beef and funnel cakes. The weird thing was that the funnel cakes are pre-made (like hot pretzels) and you heat them up in the oil. We ran out around 2:30 so by 3:00 we went over to watch some of the jumping. Out of 32 horses only 5 made it through 12 jumps without knocking over the top bar. We left before they had the jump off. They also raffle off a Mercedes each year at $100 a raffle ticket.....Anyway, we're tired but feeling useful.