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Okay so because I don't have a car, or money to waste on constant taxis while in Rome, I am forced to use the bus and tram system. While I am used to the public transportation idea it is at times rediculous here. Instead of just keep running their roots buses actually stop and wait for an appropriate lapse in time for them to make it to their next stop, infact that night buses are so rare that we are convinced they take a nap. During the day it is not as bad but at 8am, for example, you are supposed to be able to catch the 44 every 6 minutes but you can't you can catch one every two minutes and then if you miss all 4 or 5 of them you have to wait a half an hour. Now a half an hour is the normal ellapsing time for the route but at night you have to wait an entire hour to catch the damn bus. I mean what do they do for that extra half an hour? And yes that is a retorical question. But it is nice when the system works because then it gets us to the beach in under an hour from the house, in a half an hour if we're lucky (like today when we're going back to the beach so I can make my burns grow :confusedsmile. But last night we waited for about an hour for the damn bus and at 2am that is not fun, especially not with a drunk that is throwing up, grrr (and no it wasn't me or Kevin, or even one of my roommates).

On a positive note the club was nice, it was called Rock Castle, and the played only Rock music (well for the most part). But our school sponsered it so people from AUR got in for free and then got cheap drinks, which didn't include Nicole because of the meds from the crazy doctor.

n.b.- don't mind my spelling it's early here and they all want to leave already for the beach. so . . . ya know you do what you can when you can.