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I am among the people tuned into the news to watch weather reports. I always have been. I was the point person for "The Storm of the Century" in Philadelphia. Friends would call me to hear the most up to date details concerning the potential snow storm of historical ended up leaving a dusting and the weather forecaster got kicked out of the city and he how works somewhere in New York. Anyway, this leads me to Hurricane Rita.

There are so many different reports...speculations...people are taking this serious, which is good. This is so different than preparing for a snow storm. I know that sounds like a dumb statement, but it's what I have to compare it to. This storm has brought to my attention how many cities are at or just above sea level in texas. This area is being inundated with evacuees from both the South and Katrina evacuees. Clients of ours who have rentals are opening them up to evacuees, there is a hotline number on all the highway signs for people seeking assistance on hotels. MORE....

They're are also reports of tornados devloping in North Texas due to the conditions. They're also predicting local flooding and in the more rural areas stronger winds...advising people in trailer parks to be careful. Keith heard a report that electric could be out for days/weeks if it hits North Texas the wrong way.

Jon and I went to the grocery store last night. Stocked up on the essentials including Sparks and other malt liquor beverages. Other healthy items include fruit and veggies and bread. We should get some rain Saturday night and all day Sunday with rain continuing Monday through Wednesday.

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On Friday, September 23rd, Nicole said

Rain, rain, everywhere.
I hope that everything goes smoothly and that all is well when the storm ends.