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christmasPoster (27k image) Okay, so, I am doing a fair amount of Pro Bono work right now. You guys saw the opera poster I did last month. (The performance is coming up soon, btw.) This is a poster I just did for a local community center in West Dallas. Click on it to see the full-sized version.

It's so bizarre to drive out to this place. You go into the city, then go west until you leave the city, cross a bridge (over a field that I can only assume to be a flood plane) and back into city...only unlike downtown Dallas, which is so clean and shiny that it looks like a movie set, this is a small, dirty city. It's nothing but warehouses and defunct industrial stuff, and really crappy small houses that look like they are falling down.

It's then that it sort of sets into my brain what a poor job our government does at prioritizing. Here in Dallas it is illegal to panhandle. If you do, you get a ticket. If you don't show up for your court date, you get a warrant, and when you don't mail them a check, you get arrested. The system falls apart when you realize that there is no real way to enforce it because these people don't have mailing addresses. What a waste of resources.