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Yesterday we went to the beach. Kevin, Jackie, Allison, Vicki, and I all got up around 8ish and left by 9am for our day at the beach, this time was a difficult effort as we had come in from Compo di Fouri around 3am (damn the bus system). So back to the beach story. So as we are all tired we mostly slept on the beach and played in the water a little. So we get there and I put some sunblock on, not really paying attention to what I'm doing because I don't care and I was to out of it. Then after laying around I played in the water with Kev, who jumped right in. When we went to leave, everyone was checking out how much color did they get. And that is when a couple of my roommates get histarical over how red I was. To make a long story not quit as long. I came home took a luke warm shower, so my head would feel warmth but my body would feel cold. Then I rubbed aloe lotion all over my body, as I was wearing a two piece so this includes stomach and a large portion of my chest. Then I put on big pjs as to not touch me anywhere. I also was not hunger so when I ate dinner it made me feel sick and I basically went to bed right from dinner so that I wouldn't throw up. But don't worry I'm gonna buy some more lotion today and I'm feeling much better.

Different note: Almost all beaches in Italy are topless beaches, from what we've heard and experienced yesterday. And let me tell you there are some old women that are easily mistaken for men because those babies sag so much.

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On Sunday, September 18th, Bernie said

Quite a visual, too much information....just they sag more than mine....don't answer that!