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Yesterday mom, Aunt Terry and I volunteered at GRACE. GRACE, a strong non-profit in the area assists needy families in the area with housing, clothing, job skills and medical attention. They have now shifted their attention to the hurricane victims now living in the area. A empty warehouse donated space for large donations to be sorted. In the next few days or so it will be a place where displaced families can 'purchase' furniture, bedding and packs of clothes. Yesterday I organized the donations of men. I actually feel like I made a dent into all the donations. It was a great feeling to be able to do something hands on.

We're feeling the first effects of the new residents in the real estate market. One of our listings just sold from someone moving from New Orleans. Mom is friends with a teacher in the Irving area (Dallas ISD) and they're making big shifts in the class to fit the new students into the already crammed classrooms.

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On Saturday, September 17th, Nicole said

Wow. That sounds amazing Joc. It's funny not having any idea how bad things are in New Orleans, unless someone from the states menches it.

I miss you guys, keep having fun.