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I had dinner with grandma on Wednesday. They let her go home in the late afternoon. Both she and Mike are very happy that the tumor is not malignant. She is going to sleep on the living room couch for 2 weeks since steps are out. While I was there both Moe and Jimmy called to chat briefly. You could tell that she was pleased.

Nicole, don't they sell bug spray?

Jon, I am really enjoying conversing with Nicole and seeing the pictures that people post, but there really isn't much communication with you and Jocelyn..... sad

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On Friday, September 16th, Nicole said

I haven't found any bug spray.

And don't be to hard on Jon and Joc, I'm so bored without homework that I check the blog obsesively.

On Friday, September 16th, Jocelyn said

Ahh, busted on not blogging enough. Who would have thought a mom would ever say that. In the words of Oprah, "Love It"

Fortunately work has been busy lately. Moms birthday is on Monday AND Aunt Terry, who is visiting here with hopes of getting a job here, her birthday is Saturday...Sunday we're taking a pontoon boat out on Grapevine Lake. It should be a fun day AND We're taking the doggies. More pictures will come.