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Okay so there are alot of things to talk about and to many subject headings to do them individually, so they will all be shortened and put into one entry.

1- Class Schedules

So while I'm in Rome I actually got the schedule that a wanted, I am the rare example. I am taking italian sketchbook,M at 8:30 to 12:30; survery of film history, M 12:30 to 3:30 and W 12:30 to 2; modes of drama, M and W 3:30 to 5;itineraries of modern architecture in europe,Tues - was 11 to 5 - then was 11 to 2 - currently 10 to 1 (teacher revisions); and imperial roman art and architecture, Thurs 9 to 12.

*the bold text is how i will be referencing that class.

2- Teachers

I must admit that I was a little bumbed when Mario told us on Monday that he would no longer be our sketchbook teacher, he sounded really cool. He joked around with us, he even inspired me to do my homework;which was so boring. But now we have this new women, who I don't remember her name, and she has assigned these drawing expercises that I remember doing in middle school. I mean it is one thing to approach the class that no one can draw but come on. She is having us do line drawings, and I don't mean basic sketches, I mean how many thicknesses of line can I do with this pencil, and if she wanted I could do an entire drawing with one pencil, but I want to move away from that and get myself to use a variety of pencils.

Anway then there is my film teacher, Paul, he's American, and proud of his love for A/C. He is a little neratic but very funny and interesting, I find his teaching style very easy to follow. I actually didn't mind reading 5 chapters for this past monday.

Ah yes my drama professor, he is a piece of work, and while I don't remembre his name either he doesn't yet know mine. I think that I might actually sign up for this poetically based drama that he wants to put on later this semester. I like his class so far.

As for Itineraries, well that conversation I don't think is web savy so I will leave my feelings on that for another day.

And Art and Architecture, I don't know about the teacher but the class is going to be miserable for the work, but interesting for the trips so it should even out.

In more to come-- Itchy skin, My knees don't know what's good for them, and A question for mom

3- Itchy skin

well now that I bought unscented lotion i'm finally getting my dry skin under control but now I have bug bites all over my body, and I mean all over. Yesterday it was so grose there was a bug in itineraries biting everyone and jackie finally killed it on the table, blood went everywhere. These bugs mean business. I hope they go away before mom and dad come.

4- My knees

so since I've been here I've been good. I wear only low shoes, I wear my knee braces everyday to and from school. But lately they haven't been aligning right on my knees and are causing more pain then they're worth, so yesterday I decided to try something new. I only put on the one knee brace, outside of my jeans, and I put on my lowest heels. It was great, although my toes hurt slightly it was so nice to to have to wear the same shoes again, I'm getting sick of them. Now I have been looking for some flat sandels so that I have some options but I just haven't found what I'm looking for yet.

5- Losing Weight.

So I'm trying to decide whether or not I'm actually losing weight but some days I would say yes while others I'm just not sure, and without a dryer my jeans are not going to shrink back to their original size to give me a clue. So I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion of how to keep track of myself so that I don't go crazy while I'm here.

(Mostly this was aimed towards mom but I'll take anyone's ideas.)

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On Thursday, September 15th, Bernie said

I am assuming that this school does not have a gym or a health suite.
You could take a piece of string and measure around your waist and hips, mark it with markers and use it as a benchmark. As long as you stay the same size or smaller you are doing fine.

On Friday, September 16th, Nicole said

But all I have here is thread, and I would try to buy a tape measure if I thought that I could get my point across. but I think that I've found an idea that should work.