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So yesterday we went to Vatican City, which one bus and one long walk- okay it's maybe a half and hour but still. We went into the square and chased the birds, felt the columns, and got weird looks. Then after we went through the metal detectors we went inside. First we went into the catocombs and say the tombs of the old popes, there was a really long line to pray in front of Pope John Paul II. From there we went into St. Paul Cathedral, which is breath taking I mean I'm not as religous as I used to be and it almost brought me to tears;but on the other hand I am an architecture major and a fan of Bernini. Anyway, after waiting in line to see Da Vinci behind bullet proof glass, I wondered around. And let me tell you that throughout the beauty of the entire composition that makes up this church the most intreging element was the stairwells that led behind all of the sculpture down into secret rooms, now of course all of these were ropped off and the guards would come closer if you looked at them to long but it was still cool. Then afterwards we climbed all 320 steps to the top of the cupola to get the best view of Rome in the entire city. This also got you up close and personal with the mosaics that line the upper levels of the church, can you believe that someone had to hand lay all of those stones, the job must of sucked.

so what does this have to do with my nose and eyes. Well throughout the day I could feel the dirt and dust from our surroundings, especially in the square. And then on our way back from the shopping distict behind the vatican, I got something in my eyes and they got all red. Well by the time we got home I had a long sting of hard mucus that I had to pull off of my eye, it was gross. Then this morning the same eye was sealed shut. Hopefully it will go away, and of course the dust has also given me a runny nose. But don't let that derail you going to the Vatican was the best thing that we've done to date.

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On Monday, September 12th, Bernie said

Only give that eye a day or two to get better and then head to the doctor's to get drops. Pink eye is nasty and does not clear up by itself.