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After a busy and frustrating day at work yesterday; I decided to get up this morning (Saturday) and start with exercise. I went for a 4 mile walk and actually jogged for about 1/2 mile. I stopped at a yard sale and talked with a few new people, so I felt really good when I got back home. Bernie and I did about an hour of gardening and now she's off at the bank, Greg's downstairs and I'm on the net.

Work's still pretty depressing, but Ill manage. I'm still looking for new jobs at BGE, but not seeing anything that interests me just yet. The parent Company has a few opennings, but I'm not ready to make that jump yet. I'd really like to finish my career at BGE, but what happens, happens.

I'm off the Home Depot and the Library next. I want to install a sprinkler system for my flower beds and get some books out on exercises on the "ball."

I still prefer talking to people!


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On Sunday, September 11th, Nicole said

We like talking to you too dad but international calls are expensive so this will have to do, especially since you missed my call last night.