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So I have 2 questions in which I need answers.
1- At what time is it not appropriate to return home if you know there is going to be someone there sleeping that you will desturb by your returning?
2- At what time is it not appropriate to do something after this return, like cook a full meal when you got in at 3am?

Let me know so that I can know if I'm overreacting.

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On Friday, September 9th, jocelyn said

Here is my opinion...
If you live there, you can come in at anytime. But be respectful when you enter late.

Don't start cooking a full meal until the sun is starting to come up.

Realistically, if you come in late...for example 3am, you'll be hungry and not thinking clearly, so you'll need to eat something to be able to sleep. Get something quiet with the minimum disturbance to the roommates.

Peace Out.

On Sunday, September 11th, greg said

don't let it bother you. They aren't doing it to spite you. If you say something nicely and it still doesn't change...vengence