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Home » Archives » September 2005 » Naxious to get thinner [Previous entry: "the 7 hills of Rome"] [Next entry: "Photographic Proof of Mabel Swimming, Part Deux"] 09/07/2005: "Naxious to get thinner" feeling: Nervous ---- from lack of food ???

smile ok, I weighed in at 199 this weekend and was at 201 this morning (205 tonight) ... so I'm not doing too bad. My energy level is dropping a little, so I think I'll change my eating pattern a little. It's time to get back to the Michael Thurmond plan. 4-5 light meals a day with exercise a couple of times during the day. crazy

I talked to Nicole, Jon and Greg today as well as Bernie and a couple of close friends at work; so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Sorry folks, but blogging just isn't my thing ... I like the conversation.

Getting' tired now ... man, that's sad ... it's only 8:07 PM, but my day has been starting at 4 AM lately.