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So we've all been told about the 7 hills that make up Rome, well let me tell you that they're there I know I've been walking them. From the first few days of wearing my knee braces I already have bruises on the sides of my knees, I'm not sure what from. It's funny because people always joke about older people telling stories about going up hill both way to and from school, well as of now I do believe that it is possible. There are two ways to get to my school and both ways are pretty much up hill and then depending upon how you come back, and where you need to stop, depends on how many hills you have to go up to get back. I wish I could draw you a sketch but I don't have a scanner. But anyway each big hill is made up of smaller hills, which still seem large compared to the flat quality of Philadelphia. My goal is not to give up on said hills and keep walking them to ensure the ability to eat as much pasta as I have had to do to the lack of meat in my diet, it's pretty expensive here.

Well I have to read for film class, 5 chapters by Monday, I should start now so we can go to the beach this weekend. Ciao.