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ok so while i'm still trying to adjust to the food schedule here but that will come with getting used to my classes. Anyway, I had 3 classes today, sketchbook- which we just found out what supplies we need and where they give student discounts, survey of film history - which is a required class for their communication majors so it is actually meant to be hard, the teacher actually told study abroad students that are just here to party to drop out, and lastly modes of drama - taught by a proud englishman. But the drawing class and drama class should be cake, the film class will have a fair amount of reading and studying for the midterm and final but the one paper is only 4 pages long so mostly I just have to go to class and take good notes. Speaking of which I still have to buy notebooks, I've just been using my sketchbook. And while the film class might actually require thought it is going to be amazing we started to day with flip books in the 1830s and the class will end in the 1990s. But tomorrow I have another new class from 11am to 5pm and I'm going to buy books. Then after class I'm going to buy art supplies. Wed I just repeat the film class and the drama class. Then my last new class is on Thursday but it looks like I will only have to buy lunch on Mondays because I only technically have 5 minutes between all of my classes.