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So last night all of us went out, well not at first but I'll get to that. Sir Elton John was playing a free concert at the Coloseum last night, so my roommates decided to go because the missed English, not for Elton just the english. I decided that I didn't want to go because I'm not a big fan and because I want to save some money by eating in instead of picking up pizza on the way, which is what they were going to do. But there was also a free party for AUR students at this club last night so we decided that after the concert we would all meet up on the boat, yup club on the Tiber River. So Kevin and I ate a nice dinner and talked then got ready and went up. We walked the 20ish minutes to school, then 20minutes to the bar that everyone was meeting at. Once we got there we couldn't even get our free shot because the place was so packed that it had been taking people 25min. to get a drink. Then 15 min after we got there we followed the full time AUR students to the bus station, another 5 min walk, to stand on an over crowded bus and walk for another 5 min or so to the boat. Needless to say but they had told girls to dress up in their heels so I wore one of my most comfortable pairs with my jeans and a tube top but boy do my feet still hurt. We met up with my roommates, who went immediately to the bar to by their 10 euro drinks, of which they had atleast 2-3. Beers were only 5 euro on our reserved floor but down stairs they were 10 euros as well. Water thankfully was on 3 euro and that's what i drank. So here's my question. The entire evening I had to listen to them moan because they walked from the coloseum to the boat in their heels and then I got to watch them attempt to pick up men by getting the guys to come to them. Now I understand that both of these girls aren't trying for one nighters and that they don't want boyfriends right now but it was just wierd. Now should I be happy for them, even after the attempt to make a joke out of Kevin's and mine's relationship?

I mean if they don't want we have fine, if they thought that their last boyfriend was it and their upset because he wasn't fine but they knew that by asking me to be their roommate they would get me as a person and me as part of a couple. So how do I let them not question my happiness and allow them to find theirs? sleepy