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feeling: eh

I knid of hate my life right now. I'm strong enough to get through it though. I'm planning on running for either president or UN representative in a few years. I wish. Glad to hear every one else is so good. I miss the good old days, I can't wait to see all of you again. My car's busted, I ain't got no girl, I'm broke and I owe. Not forever though. If I can give any of you changes. It's supposed to. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always change. Roll with the punches.

On a side note.
To my only brother and his bride,
I am happy for both of you. I could ony hope for the kind of relationship that you have. YOu are both extremely good people and truly deserve each a good way. I knew for a long time that Jon was in love. It was mind-blowing when you got together, and I've never ever seen my brother more stoked about life. Although I do miss my brother I couldn't imagine a better life for him. Good luck. You're the best. I'm so proud of yous.
With Much Love,

Good luck with Italy Nicole, if I gotta come and wup sum ass, I will.

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On Sunday, September 4th, Nicole said

Not to many problems yet and from all of the pressure point quizes that kevin is giving me I think that I'll be okay.