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Okay so today I think will be another interesting day. Last night my roommate went out to visit a girl from school that has a roommate from CO that might be going home. They ate pizza and took part in the river festivel. Kevin and I were both tired so we just hung out and ate gellato. Now what does this have to do with losing weight? Well the point is that you can't eat as much gellato as pizza it's just to creamy so you're better off. No seriously I think that I have been losing weight while we've been here, my pants are a little larger and my belt is having to go further around my waist. While this might not be the mathematicaly approach to losing weight I feel better and that's what really matters.

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On Sunday, September 4th, Bernie said

Three cheers for creative dieting. I have been craving a candy bar...and you know what they say about cravings, they won't go away until you give in...also your dad and I are taking advantage of the beautiful 80"s weather to work on the walk way....I decided to buy 2 snickers with almonds while at Walmart...for lunch I had my bar and diet Pepsi....I was so full I wasn't hungry until dinner of all the craving is gone, so tomorrow back to vegetbles.