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This is my dog swimming. She's the same dog that runs away from the hose...and the pool...and the rain...and the bathtub...and the sprinkler...and the pitcher of water that we fill her bowl with...and many other forms of water.

That picture (will someone tell me again how great camera phones are? Because, I am like, totally missing it) is of my scaredy-cat pooch swimming in Grapevine Lake this afternoon. I'm so proud of her, it hurts a little bit.

She waded out a little further every time Keith threw the ball, until eventually she went too far, and she had to swim back. After that, it was all over. Once she got the mechanics down, it was all over. She swam out really far to get the ball a few times, with her tail wagging behind her like a little black rudder.

We were so proud that we were jumping up and down on the beach cheering.
I am going to be a snivelling pussy when we have kids. God help me if they win anything.

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On Friday, September 2nd, bernie said

But knowing you and Jocelyn, you'll be really good at the important part - being proud just because they tried hard!

On Saturday, September 3rd, nicole said

i'm happy for mabel and proud that mom descided to join that party.