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Well, Sears didn't show. Bernie and I called yesterday, today, today and today again to make certain the service call would happen and nothing worked. This afternoon at 3:30 I called their corporate offices in Chicago and just stayed on the line until someone helped me.

Now they're scheduled for Tuesday --- they never come to Sykesvlle on Tuesday so we should feel special .... yeah, right.

BUT, they're getting much more effiecient .... now they've shipped me the same parts twice. The repair charge has showed up on my bill already, so I think I'll challenge the charge and drive them crazy ... heh, heh, heh!

I will never buy Sears products again. Anyone needing the Sears corporate phone number should call DOD. I just don't want to publish it on the internet until I don't need it any more, then I think I'll send it to everyone who has an email address in the world .... how would I do that? satisfied