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Mabel, our doggie, has been terrified of water since the day we got her. We've tried to coax her and even force her into the pool every summer. No Luck. Today, Keith, Jon and I took Mabel and mom and dads two dogs (Bob and Lucy) to Grapevine Lake. Within an hour, Mabel went from testing the water with her feet to full on swimming long distances to catch a ball. Three dogs in the water and three people on the shore jumping up and down and waving our hands in the air cheering Mabel on. It was a very proud moment to see our puppy overcome a fear and embrace the water for all its glory. We had to pry her out of the water when it was time to leave.

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On Friday, September 2nd, nicole said

i'm as proud as any aunt could be.

On Friday, September 2nd, DOD said

If you think I'm going to proclaim to be a proud Gramps you're all crazy. Nicole - check your e-mail. I sent you Christy's e-mail address at College.