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so today we had a lot of fun roming the city, yes ha ha roming Rome. but let me tell you that after a certain amount of time a person can get tired of living their life around some one else's agenda. I love kevin but i want to just think about him and me not him and me and his sister and mother and all of their personal tramas, not that i don't appreciate them or like them; i guess that i was hoping that by being 8 hours away there would be something different. oh well.

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On Thursday, September 1st, Jocelyn said

What's going on? The drama continues across seas?

On Friday, September 2nd, Nicole said

well last night we all went out and around Rome and then back to the guys to watch a movie and kevin and i had a tiff. but after writing out my anger i called kev and we talked things out. all is well in all my world.

On Friday, September 2nd, Jocelyn said

That's good to hear.

On Friday, September 2nd, Sam said

hey sweetie! hope everything is going wonderfully - sorry I missed your im- I forgot to put my away message up!! Miss you tons and hope that Rome is treating you well!! Lots of love