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Well after one full night's sleep I can honestly say that it is going to be as hard as I thought to adjust. Last night my roommates, Kevin, Jason, and Adam all went out for dinner after napping from about 4pm to 7pm (or later in Allison and Jackie's cases). And while people said to have dinner here around 7 or 8 we of course waited until we were all up and dressed, making dinner around 9pm. On the upside restraunts that are open for dinner seem to be open until midnight which is cool. We didn't even leave the restraunt until 11:30pm and then walked back. But the night was not over for most of us. As we had all napped to long we were not yet tired so a group of us sat up on the boys largest balcony and talked until 1 or so. I know that I was deffinately I sleep by 2am and now up and going by 8:30 ain't to bad. Anyway, now that we've gotten oursleves lost and refound in our own neighborhood we have to venture further out to our school today for a brunch, thank god they are given us food because we haven't had time for groceries yet.

Just in case you were wondering all of the times that I list are for Italy. Subtract 6 hours for mom and dad and 7 hours for Jon and Joc.

Well I guess that I should do my knee exercise and get ready the boys are going to be here at 10am to show us how to get to school.

Side note between the buildings steps and 20 min walk (up, over and around hills) to school if I don't lose weight while here then I would have to eat an entire cow by myself daily.

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On Wednesday, August 31st, Jocelyn said

What's the weather like? What do people wear? How was the food? What is the most surprising thing about there? Those are my questions for now. The End.