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Okay now that I am here I can say that I am happy. The plane ride is long and sucks, the food was better than normal and my room is amazing. Although the guy that moved us in said we should take the bus everyday but I think that the walk would be good for me. The room is huge compared to anything that we could get in philly but no air except windows. The room is equipped with a computer and internet so that is how i am writing to you today. it also has 2 balconies, one of which is big enough for a small breakfast table and the other is for hanging laundry. Well that is all for now. Once i figure out this keyboard I will return to american slang but until then I do not know where the apastraphy is. blush

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On Tuesday, August 30th, Jon said


I'm glad that you are safe and sound and in Italy. I am also glad that there is a computer and interet access in the it is time to learn how to post photos to the 'blog or set up a flickr account or something.

On Tuesday, August 30th, jocelyn said

I can feel it now. The fresh air, the old buildings, the atmosphere. How many girls are you sharing your room with? I'm happy you're there safe and sound. Take pictures!

On Tuesday, August 30th, nicole said

there are four of us in a two bedroom. I will take pictures soon.

On Tuesday, August 30th, DOD said

Good to hear from you. Thanks for thinking of me. Glad everything went as good as it did for you. Pictures will be a good thing. The washer parts arrived and are WRONG so I called Sears - those poor people. If it isn't fixed Friday your Mom is going to climb all over them --- better them than me. Hope you enjoy the term --- I guess you're close to bed time by now. Tell Kevin and everyone I said Hi!