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crazy Well, Sears showed up this morning. They said to expect him "first call - 8 AM." Well, he showed up at about at 8:30. He flew into work, and left about 10:15 and I still don't have a washing machine. More broken parts that have to be ordered. By the time he finishes I'll have a new washing machine. They'll be back next Friday (and every Friday until int's fixed). The parts are rush ordered, but that doesn't do much good if they can't get back here until Friday.

:heheshockedh well, Bernie's going to wait for them next time. I'm running out of vacation!

Nicole leaves for Italy Monday, so I spent all day here with her, and even though we didn't do anything special, we had time together.

Greg worked a 12 hour day yesterday and looked exhausted today. People called in sick yesterday so he can do some of their work. Oh well, he can use the $ becuase his car insurance is due.


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On Friday, August 26th, Jon said

I'm telling you, man, Fischer & Paykel. It's a direct drive high-speed washer. It's got a freaking suspension! It's AWESOME!