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feeling: Hot and Thirsty

It's hot here. Our grass with the most direct sun looks like it's been scorched, my parents neighbor had a transformer blow up due to the heat and extra utilities being used, the city has issued an emergency water shortage...ahh August in Texas. Can't beat it. My parents neighbors have a puppy, Blaze. They asked us to let him our around lunch time so he can get some exercise and pee pee. Yesterday and today I brought Mabel over to play. Mabel has been holding out some skill. She doesn't need to be so gazelle like around Bob and Lucy because they're either old and tired or fat and tired. Mabel leaps over blaze, brings him down with one knock of the's great. Today was alittle too hot for a full demonstration of her skills. I'm looking forward to the day that Blaze will grow taller and bigger than Mabel and learn to use his brakes.

On another note, Jon ripped up the bathroom floor and started the vanity. Today, tiles have been picked up and will soon be in the shower area. I'm not sure what Im looking forward to the most, 1. not having dust and tile chips all over the place, 2. being able to get ready in the bathroom again or 3. having a up to date swanky bathroom instead of the teal and white ode to the 80's we had before.

On a business note, work is going really well. Keeping very busy and continue to get better with each experience.