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I am reading this book called "A Smile in the Mind."

It's about the use of wit in graphic design, and I'll tell you what, it should have been the fucking TEXTBOOK for my fundamentals of design class.

Wit is not, as we americans often assume, necessarily related to humor. It is derived from our intellegence. It is more accurate to say that something that engages our intelligence, not our sense of humor, is witty.

Anyway, this ten year old book is completely rearranging my outlook on the craft of design, the art of design. I am going to set about a journey to become a more witty designer. I am going to be the Oscar Fucking Wilde of graphic design when I am through.

Oh wait. Saul Bass was the Oscar fucking Wilde of graphic design. I guess I'll have to be Mark Twain or some shit. Or maybe Charles Nelson Riley. wink

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On Friday, September 2nd, bernie said

sad does wit come without foul language....

On Friday, September 2nd, Jon said

Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Groucho Marx...they were all considered vulgar in their times.

"Brevity is the soul of...Lingerie."
Or, "If all the girls who were taken to the prom were layed end to end...I wouldn't be suprised." Both are very familiar examples of wit. Both are fairly ribald, and were blatantly offensive in their day.