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Today was kind of wierd. I worked on my budgets Friday while waiting for the Sears man and got everything lined up. Today I went back and double checked everything. A few things didn't add up, so it took me most of the day to double (and triple) check things just to find out that some people had changed things and not told me. That really blows my mind, but reinforces that I need to change jobs. It's like they can't allow themselves to be wrong or have someone else know more than them. Now I know what the Foresters have been experiencing.

Replacement parts came for the washer --- now I can see how everything is supposed to go together. I still can't understand how a Company like Sears could sell me somthing as "dented" when it was really "used" and in this case, damaged! They'll never be trusted again!

Oh well --- I'm going to surf a while tonight.