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feeling: Smart!

OKay, so as I mentioned earlier, I am going to embark on this Free iBook thing.

Well, to do so, you have to complete an offer from one of the sponsors, then get 18 other people to sign up to get a free iBook (actually, they've got like 5 notebooks to choose from, most are PCs) and complete one offer.

So, the offer I chose to complete was this IQ test thing, where you take a test and then pay to see your results. It's a nominal fee, and I've already cancelled the anyway, it's a test that I am interested in seeing anyway, so I don't feel like too big of a sap.

I mean, we all know that I am a self-obsessed intellectual narcisist anyway, so no harm no foul.

ANYWAY! Good news is, I am fucking SMART! I scored a 140! It's a fun little report, and had I thought of it, I'd have made a PDF of the page and posted it...because it is an interesting read.

Anyway, if YOU would like a free iBook (or other Laptop), go here: to sign up for the program.

Oh yeah, and don't bother IMing or commenting about me being a sap. This is an expirament. If I get a free iBook, bonus.