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feeling: Wierd !!!!!!!

Well, I went on my morning walk --- guess what! I found a purse on the side of the road, just laying in a lawn. I brought it home, called the police and they sent someone down to pick it up. The wallet, credit cards, cell phone and all were still inside. The poor person lives in Westminster, so who knows how it got down here. I hope they get it back to her before she worries too much.

The job hunt begins in earnest on Sept 1. I've already had 2 calls, but both would make me relocate and that's just not part of the plan, plus I wouldn't like to go to Kansas or Michigan.

It looks like the storms passed us by this weekend, so Bill's party for the girls should turn out ok --- I think it has rained on his parties a few times recently. I've got a vacation planned in Cancun for February. If I stay at BGE, I'll probably be in the new job by then, so it will be a good time to celebrate.
If anyone reading this has any plans for wooden banks, toys, etc. let me know because that's what I want to get into as a part time business.

Off --- DOD