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feeling: Up, but disappointed

cool eh? Well the poor Sears Tech showed up, worked on the washing machine for 2+1/2 hours and gave up. He has to order parts that are under warranty. The bill is almost $285, but when he gets done I'll have a new washing machine. It was wild --- we took the washer apart and found crusted up soap and rusty parts everywhere. He said it looked like the machine had been purchased once before and returned and probably had some things wrong with it when the machine was returned. We bought it at the warehouse (scratch and dent) ... guess what - it was really used. I think this calls for a letter to Sears!

Lesson Learned - don't trust Sears. I wonder how hard it would be to set up a web site to publicize the problems I've had with different Companies --- what a blast to do!!!!

I've got to get a good radio in here! rolls eyes

Bll and Anne are having a going away party for Jessie and Christie tomorrow. Kevin will be down Saturday morning and we'll go to Bill's in the afternoon. The Nicole and Kevin head off for Hershey Park. Nicole got the Eurorail passes and Euro's for the trip to Italy, so she's all set. She'll pick up a cell phone while she's over there.

Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!