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razz So I finally got my email to work, but I had to reload Outlook --- I found an upgrade that must have had a patch in it to fix my problem, so now I can get my email through the site. I'll stop using the Adelphia address now. I'm thinking of getting a new servcie any way. Adelphia is expensive and the people just aren't that helpful when I have a problem.

I've got about 4 hours of office work to do from home today, so I'll do that as I wait for the Sears man --- by the way, I will never buy sears again! This washer is less that 3 years old and the transmission is already going up. I bet the bill will be more than the cost of a new washer. Oh well!

Nicloe's getting ready for Italy. Greg's working LONG days installing phone and reception systems and talking about a few side jobs he's working on to insatll computers, etc. I hope he finds something he likes soon --- he'd really make a good Technician/Engineer/Computer person, but I can't figure out how to help him find his way. Kevin's coming down this weekend and will get to know the family better becuse we have a party at Bill and Anne's to see the girls off to college. Bernis' Mom isn't feeling too good recently - she's having muscle pains, so she's been going to a doctor.

Jon - if you get a chance, call her just to chat. She's pretty good on the computer, but she may not have been getting on lately since she hasn't been feeling well. Well, I have an incoming call --- probably from one of my work contractors. LATER!!!!!