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It was a confusing day. Everybody returned from their vacations in the office and havoc was the order of the day. Meeting schedules changed at the last minute, people not being where they were supposed to be was the norm and everyone is getting paranoid about being measured (watched). It's a real shame we can't just tell people if they're doing their jobs or not --- everything has to be measured and reported.

I got a call from a head-hunter today, offering me a job with the Company I already work for, so I had some fun. The money was a lot less and the job sounded worse ... guess what interview I turned down ??? That one, of course.

Golf Sunday was bad, but what the heck ... it's the last time I'll play with Kevin and Nicole until they get back from Italy, so it was fun. Bernie got her own set of clubs this weekend, so she's happy.

Enough for now .... FORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!