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Home » Archives » August 2005 » Sunday Surprise -------- Neighbor's Cars Broken In [Previous entry: "One week left"] [Next entry: "Bathroom"] 08/14/2005: "Sunday Surprise -------- Neighbor's Cars Broken In" feeling: Feeling Lucky - only 40 cents stolen from Kevin's Car

shocked I just got abck from my morning walk and found the neighbor's mial strewn baout my yard and next to Kevin's car. Kevin's car had been openned (maybe left unlocked), his spare keys on the seat and astray dumped on the floor. Nothing else - and that's good ebcause he had his company hardhat, briefcase, etc. in the back seat and golfclubs in the trunk. Sometimes you're just lucky. crazy State Police are on the way !!!!

I'm off to play golf today at Pleasant Valley in Stewartstown, PA. Picking up golf clubs for Bernie on the way from her brother Eddie.

Think I may have found a new job at work ---- plan to tell the boss Tuesday. big grin

Starting to do woodworking again - going to start with Piggy Banks.