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feeling: Nervous and excited

I listened to part of the Oprah show today and thought it was fantastic - Maria Governator and Eunice Shriver were on the show. It was really pretty interesting. If you get a chance, tune it in.
Tomorrow I'm going to start trying for a new job at work - current work is pretty depressing - everybody is well united against the bosses and I really don't like that environment.
I found a good place for Subaru parts - try The order over the web worked pretty good --- I had my tail-light in just 4 days via UPS. The UPS tracker didn't work, though. The part was half price and it took me an hour to install - just take your time. Total I spent $125 and the dealer wanted almost $400 to replace, including labor. A little touch-up paint and I'm good to go.
I picked up my golf clubs again smile and it felt great to play. I haven't played too well, but the worst day on the course is better than the best day at work rolls eyes and I get to relieve a LOT of stress by smacking the daylights out of the golfball - who cares if I have a slice right now!
Oh well, enough for now ---- I'll punch in again in the next few days.


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On Friday, August 12th, jocelyn said

A new job at work? Exciting! Good luck today.

What were the Shrivers on Oprah for?

We bowled last night. Jon and I both did pretty well!

On Friday, August 12th, DOD said

The Shrivers were doing an interviewon family, values, life as a Kennedy, etc. Maria and O are old friends. I was really impressed by Eunice. Bernie's Uncle Ray (and God Father) in CA died today. He was about 76. Later DOD