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Tonight my Dad asked for details on how to log in and post to this blog.
I think this is finally starting to shape up into the thing I wanted it to be...which is a place for my family to keep track of each other, as we are not all that hot on keeping track of each other.

Mom and Greg, this means you.

You both have Log-Ins and passwords for this thing, and I wish you would use it. It's a lot more efficient than a phone call. I mean, really, for day to day stuff, you can't hope to understand the depth of what is going on with each of us...especially since Mom cuts me off when I try to tell her what's going on with me, and Greg mumbles on the phone until I say "Uh, okay dude," so it's pretty hopeless to imagine me keeping track of HIM.

Anyway. This is a good thing. You should all use it. And if you are a member of the non-immediate family (cousins, aunts, uncles, GrandMom, etc...) and you want to post to the Sandruck Family 'blog, e-mail me and I'll create a log-in for you, and then you can post too.

So anyway, welcome aboard Dad. Have fun 'blogging.

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On Thursday, August 11th, Don said

cool eh?

On Thursday, August 11th, Don said

Remember to send me the outlook email instructions.