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Here is our new kitchen! It went from boring white to this!

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On Friday, August 5th, kathe said

I LOVE IT!!! What technique did you use to achieve the wonderful texture?

I've been reading a lot on painting techniques so I can experiment when Jeff and I buy our house. Perhaps someone cute & experienced could give us some advice. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

On Friday, August 5th, Jocelyn said

We started out with the wall plastered with a light rounded texture. Then painted the base coat a dark yellow, topped it off with a muddy red glaze. Then dry brushed the yellow over it...then because that didnt look very good, we went over it with adry brush of the glaze with a touch of the red paint. Once I put the base coat down, it only 2 hours with two other people helping me. The plaster absorbed the paint alittle too well and made the room alittle brighter than we originally wanted. It has yet to be decided if we put another treatment on it to tone it down.
I love to paint, count me in for a painting party.

On Friday, August 5th, kathe said

WOOO! Painting party! That sounds scandalous!