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Uh, my 21 year old sister posted about getting old, and I think she needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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On Tuesday, August 2nd, Nicole said

And you have so much more wisdom from your extra 5.5 years do you? I doubt that.

On Friday, August 5th, Jonathan Sandruck said

Uh, you're a spaz.
You're 21. So, you're allowed to be a spaz, but we're both in a period of our lives of rapid, it's unreasonable to expect that you would not acquire exponentially higher levels of wisdom during this period.

I am coming to the end of the spazzed-out 20s and, looking back, I have determined that almost every opinion that I held in college (and shortly thereafter) was complete crap. So, take that. When you are staring down the barrel of 27, you'll understand.

On Friday, August 5th, Jocelyn said

I want to share my wisdom. I am no longer staring down the barrel of 27...I AM 27, bitches.

As Jon already stated, anything that he thought was the right way in college he has had to challenge. Life has changed in the past 7 years and design and everything else that we all went to school for has changed. But this is not my point. We can not stop the change happening in the world, but we can change how we coexist with it.

Just know that what you think and believe now can all change in the future. With that said, you need to explore what you believe is correct now. Its like a video game. You have to complete this level in order to make it to the next. The score you get in this level helps you attain special weapons and skills in the next.

The 27 year old has spoken.

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