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Okay so at weight watchers last night I learned a few things. 1- my scale at home is dead on accurate. 2 - I'm getting skinny, as my grand total is now 11.8 lbs. 3 - That it's okay to pick the program back up if I can't keep the weight off in Rome, after all about half of the members are returning memebers.

So another lbs. bit the dust over this past week. razz

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On Wednesday, July 20th, Jocelyn said

Congratulations! Thats awesome! Its a great feeling to get into clothes (that I know you have hiding in your closet) that use to fit. I have a good pile of those too. WW isn't a one shot deal. You can always get back into it and you always remember everything that you learned. Rome, ah Rome, eat everything there and ship stuff over to us! I like bread and cheese!