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We got our MCI DSL modem this weekend. I just set it up. I am using it right now. I can now cancel Comcast's piss-poor service.

Bastards. See? I will not stay with you because you offer me a discount on my cable TV. We're going to save $600 this year on internet service, and it's going to be more reliable...which really, is what I care about now. 6 Mbs can suck my dick if I only get it 10% of the time and the rest is slower than dial-up from WV. Dicks.

Rejoice, consumers of america. There is an alternative. DSL through MCI! It's wicked Badass!

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On Tuesday, July 26th, beth barker said

How do you really feel?
Just so you know verizon sucks ass also, glad to hear MCI is competing(sp?) Verizon DSL actually slowed up other things on our laptop, and it was tragically slower than our dial-up, so I cancelled, but couldn't get the stupid program off the harddrive without major trouble. I'm glad I never tried Comcast I think they are an evil corporation anyway, why should we have to now pay for airways that used to be free.