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feeling: Overall, good.

I have this idea, and I need to jot it down beofre I forget it.

Okay, so there is a plane. Actually two. One is coming AT the viewer, like it's a floor. The other is perpendicular to the viewer's line if it's like a wall. Both are white.

Laying on the floor in front of the viewer, at your metiphorical feet, are 7 white boxes, and when you move your mouse over them, they change to one of the 7 rainow colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) and a label. When you click on them, the content for that page scrolls into view on the "wall" in front of you.

Badass, right?
Anyway, I will work out the kinks when I sit down to design it...but I needed to record it before it escaped into the ether again. Thanks for listenning.

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On Monday, July 18th, Nicole said

I love being a Sandruck for the simple fact that we have badass ideas.