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feeling: Fine, I guess

…but I need to make an entry.

There are so many things going on, but nothing really going on at all.

1) I need work. Bad. I am about to lose my mind with my lack of work. The only thing that is helping right now is that Nancy has me working on some stuff for them right now, which is good. I mean, with Jocelyn and I both being in the position to make our own money, anything I can do to help them make money will bring money into our house in the long run...but I WANT MY OWN WORK!

It just sucks so bad. I had more work lined up than I could handle when I started this, but a lot of it evaporated or got delayed. It's absolutely confounding.

Luckily, Nancy is letting me be fucking brilliant, so at least I'll get a portfolio piece out of it.

2) Don Geronimo(my favorite DJ)'s wife, Freda Sorce, was killed in a car accident over the weekend, and I'm sad about it. I don't know these people...but I have a long history with that show. I've listened to them since I was 11. They were on WAVA in DC, and I listened to them every day, until the station changed format and I discovered WHFS. I used to time my drives to Philly to see Jocelyn around Don & Mike; bouncing from station to station as I drove so that I could listen on the three hour journey. They're on in Dallas in the middle of the God forsaken night, and I record them on my computer and replay them in the morning instead of Stern. They (Freda and Don) had a really cool relationship, and it's a sad, sad thing that she's gone. I can't even imagine how Don and Bart will deal with it, and I can't imagine the show without her.

It's had me thinking a fair amount about my own mortality, and my marriage, and life in general.

3) My internet connection SUCKS. Comcast blows goats. You hear me, fuckers? YOU SUCK! You're fucking it all up. I call the customer support, as a customer, mind you, and I tell them about an issue that I am having and what I have done in an attempt to remedy it, and they tell me to do a bunch of random crap instead of addressing my issue. So, I quit. I am getting DSL from MCI. Hopefully it'll be better. Being that I am typing this while not connected to the internet, hoping that the connection comes back before I forget and close the window or quit Firefox.